Cadet Command Links

  • Cadet Command: Cadet Command is the Army ROTC Headquarters based at Fort Knox, KY
  • Army ROTC: Find eligibility requirements, scholarship opportunities, and which universities have a ROTC program
  • High School Scholarship Process: Scroll down to Apply While in High School, How to Apply, click on the link: Create an account on My GoArmy
  • Basic Camp: Information about training for those who need to catch up on training requirements, held at Fort Knox, KY
  • Advanced Camp: Information about training experienced by all Cadets after the MSIII year, held at Fort Knox, KY
  • ROTC Blackboard: Cadet accessible training documents and information

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Army Links

  • US Army: Official website
  • US Army National Guard: Official website
  • US Army Reserves: Official website
  • TRADOC: Official website for Army Training and Doctrine Command, Cadet Command’s higher HQ
  • Army Publishing Directorate: Homepage for the Army Publishing Directorate with access to Army Regulations, Pamphlets, Field and Technical Manuals to include DA, DD and SF forms with fillable PDFs