Extra Training Opportunities

Additional training opportunities are available to contracted cadets. These training opportunities generally occur over the summer and allow cadets hands on experience in the Active Duty Army world. Read about the courses and what the cadets had to say about their experiences.

Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) program

Airborne School


Interested in jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft? This three week course will teach you everything you need to know to be able to jump out of a plane and land on the ground ready to continue the mission. After spending two weeks learning a proper Parachute Landing Fall (PLF) and jumping from towers of various heights, the last week is spent completing five live jumps from a C-130 with increasing amounts of gear. Upon completion of these five jumps and graduation, cadets earn the right to wear Army Parachutist Badge. Availability of this course varies from year to year and slots are assigned based on merit.

Click to read about CDT Norton's experience at Airborne School.

Air Assault School

This tough, 10-day course teaches cadets to successfully "slide down a rope" out of a hovering helicopter for insertion into areas normal vehicles might have difficulty reaching. Cadets attending this course will complete an obstacle course, improve their leadership skills, complete ruck marches and learn how to properly sling load various types of equipment for Air Assault missions. Upon completion of the course, cadets earn the right to wear the Army Air Assault Badge. Much like Airborne School, the number of slots for this course varies each year and slots are assigned based on merit. 

Click to read about CDT Gasvoda's experience at the US Army Air Assault School.

Cadet Field Training

Cadet Field Training (CFT) is a four week event where ROTC cadets from around the country are given an opportunity to train with West Point cadets during their Cadet Summer Training (CST) Cycle. The focus of CFT is to allow ROTC cadets to experience life at West Point and train in individual and small unit tasks. Basic infantry skills, marksmanship, urban operations, casualty care and field artillery are some of the topics covered in training.

Click to read about CDT Ingwell's time at West Point for Cadet Field Training.

Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT)

What better way to learn what it is to be a Second Lieutenant than to follow along in the footsteps of one for a few weeks? This is exactly the concept behind the CTLT program, where cadets are assigned to Active Duty Second Lieutenants in a program designed to provide hands on training to cadets in the environment they will soon find themselves in. These slots are limited to MS III's upon successful completion of LDAC and slots are available in both the United States and overseas locations. Click on the links below to read about some of our more recent cadets' experiences at CTLT. 

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CDT Bahnson