Nursing: Army Nurses don't just give shots- they call them, too.

First and foremost, Army nurses are Officers, which means they have been trained to handle just about anything the world can throw at them. Army nurses go on to positions of great responsibility in the Army and in civilian health care practices. If you're considering an undergraduate Nursing degree, joining Army ROTC can enhance your leadership skills and critical-thinking abilities while providing financial support to help make your professional goals a reality.


Being a Nurse in the Army provides you with opportunities not found in the civilian world. As an Army Nurse and Officer, you will have the respect of your peers and coworkers, as well as opportunities to train and serve in a variety of specialties. 

Hands-On Experience

This is experience you can't get anywhere else: the Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP), a clinical elective offered at Army Hospitals in the United States and Germany. You go to NSTP the summer between your junior and senior years of college. What's more, you'll get paid to do it. While you are there, you'll develop both your leadership and nursing skills. You'll see firsthand how the Army Medical Department works and the roles and responsibilities of an Army Nurse Corps Officer.      
You'll report to an Army hospital for clinical training, working in areas like medical-surgical wards, intensive care units and emergency departments. But you won't just be watching and taking notes.

The Army ROTC program offers two-, three- or four-year scholarships for undergraduate Nursing students. Contact your high school academic adviser or campus Military Science department for more information.


When you are a Badger Battalion Army ROTC nursing student, you've got some advantages over your civilian classmates. Army ROTC offers full-tuition nursing scholarships at UW-Madison and Edgewood College and a monthly stipend for qualified and eligible individuals. Your academic history and extracurricular achievements are part of the scholarship selection process. An additional benefit of an ROTC scholarship is an annual designated book allowance. Contact the Admissions Officer, Mr. Josh Beyerl, to learn more about applying for a nursing scholarship.